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FG-2035 glass break detector

Price :
  • Model: FG-2035
  • Shipping Weight: 0.3kgs
  • Units in Stock : 190
  • Manufactured by: Focus Security


FG-2035 is Focus security system wired glass break detector.
It is an advanced microprocessor based acoustic glass break detector. It is for flush or surface wall, ceiling mounting. It adopts intrusion technology advanced glass-breaking pattern analysis of both low frequency "flex" and high frequency "shatter" channels. It detects the breaking of most common types framde glass panels while ignoring false alarms.
FG-2035 is for flush (single gang box) or wall / ceiling mounting for up to 30 inch (9m) ranges.
It is suitable for most common types of plates, tempered, laminated glass.
Minimum size for all types of glass: 30cm*30cm (12 inch *12 inch)
Thickness of plate tempered: 3.2mm-6.4mm (1/8 inch - 1/4 inch)
Laminated, wired: 64mm (1/4 inch)
No adjustments necessary, each unit is bully calibrated by factory.
Will not alarm if glass panel broken from inside or glass dropped on floor.
Active and passive microphone supervision, verifles unit is in working condition.
Full remote test using glass break simulator, no need to open unit.
Optional ceiling , wall mount bracket available for opeional mounting and performance.
Electrical current consumption: 20mA at 12V (24mA max)
Voltage requirement: 9.3-16 VDC
Alarm contacts: NC 24VDC, 50mA
Tamper contacts: NC 24VDC, 0.5A
Acoustic Sensor: Omni Directional Microphone
Size: 90*90*22mm (3.5*3.5*0.9 inch)
Weight: 63.7g (2.25 oz.)
Glass Types: Plate, laminated, wired and tempered.
Glass size: 30*30cm(12"12 inch) minimum
Environment: Operation temperature range: 0-55C (32-131F)
Storage temperature: -20-66C (14-140F)