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Smoke and Heat Detector 2-wire compatible with all conventional fire alarm control panel. The detector is photo-electronic detector uses a state of-the-art optical sensing chamber. This detector is designed to provide open area protection and to be used with non-coding fire alarm control panel. This device may help your family safe from any fire accident occur during late at night or early in the morning. Below are the features of this Smoke and Heat Detector: Two LEDs on each sides provide local 360 degree visible alarm indication. The LEDs show the detector working status and sensitivity. The alarm can be reset only by a momentary power interruption. Red LED indication and relays latched when alarm. It combines a photo electronic sensing chamber and a temperature heat detector. insect-resistant screening Twist-on mounting base with tamper lock drift compensation and smoothing algorithms remote indicator LED can be connected Specification: Operation voltage range: 9-28VDC non-polarized standby current:

Wireless beams detector updated with LCD calibrator and electricy power supply and battery rechargeable power jack. Infrared Distance 120m, Wireless emitting distance 1km Specification of the solar powered wireless beams detector: Infrared Distance: 120m Wireless Transmitting Distance: 800m Wireless Transmitting Frequency: FM: 433MHz Maximum alarm times in 24 hours: Not more than 50times. Battery Capacity: 500mAh (Transmitting terminal), 1000mAh (Receiving Terminal) Working environment temperature range: -30C~70C Number of infrared beams: 3 beams Operating Voltage: 3.3V Static Operating Current: Transmitting terminal

Perimeter Security Solution with app monitor wireless solar power beam break alert system. Easy install the beam transmitter and receiver terminals on fence, courtyard, garden, driveway to create invisible light wall. When someone intrudes the light wall, the beam sensor will send alarm report to wireless receiver, the app monitor control panel. So, intrusion will be notified on app on ios and android app notification. App monitor alarm control panel has TCP/IP version (RJ45 interface), 2G version and 4G version. TCP/IP version has app monitor only. 2G or 4G version can set alarm notification phone number and can send SMS and voice call for alarm report. Package includes: 1* pair 3-beams solar power photoelectric beam sensor, with fixing bracket, but no pole included. You may need to shop the pole from your local market. Pole size is: diameter 3.7cm details: 100m infrared distance solar powered intrusion barrier used for school, workshops, perimeter fencing of residential quarters etc. New technology wireless beams detector anti same frequency interference hop-frequency technology. Wireless beams detector solar power supply. Updated with LCD calibrator and DC power supply for charging if long time no sunshine. Functions and Specification: 1.It is a solar-powered wireless product and should be installed at place with sunlight intensity more than 2200lux. 2.It is triple beams wireless outdoor infrared detectors working by pairs of transmitter and receiver. 3.Irradiation distance:100m 4.Wireless transmitting distance:800-1000m at open area 5.Wireless frequency:433MHz 6.Maximum alarm times in 24 hours:=2G storage memory How to choose active infrared beams There are different beams quantity such as 2 beams, 3 beams, 4 beams, 6 beams and 8 beams of photoelectric beam sensor. So, how many beams should I choose? The more beams means higher of protection height and longer of detection distance. For example, if the distance between two infrared holes is 35mm, then, for 3 beams sensor, the protection height is 70mm. For 4 beams sensor, any two neighbor beams are blocked, it will trigger alarm. Same for 6 beams or 8 beams sensor. So more beams will be with more security such as for bank. More beams means more power of infrared beam transmission and with stronger penetration to against interference of fog, sunshine etc. And what does the infrared detection distance mean? It means the distance between the transmission terminal and receiving terminal. The actual installation distance should be less than 80% of the specified distance. For example, the specified detection distance is 100m, then the actual installation detection distance should be less than 80m. If no interference, the detection can reach to 6 times of specified distance. (6*100=600m). But environment interference should be considered for using. There are some rules for active infrared beam installation. For example, if the beam sensor is installed on a low wall, the distance between the top of the wall and the lowest infrared hole should be around 150mm. Because the size of a normal person is 500mm(width)*200mm(thickness), that will avoid intrusion of people from bottom side of the beam sensor and false alarm triggered by small animals. HB solar power infrared beam system can be easy calibrated. 1. Make sure that the eye can see the other end through the mechanical calibration hole at one end. 2. Ensure that the LCD displayed figures are large and stable.

Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel 2 zones It meets requirement of EN54 parts 2&4 It is 2 zones Mini fire alarm control panel works with Maximum 60 detectors and call points. It can work with Maximum 31 slave fire panel by RS485 communication and show their panel and zone No. alarm or fault status. Each panel can work with maximum 16 sounders with maximum 1A /24V power supplied. Description: 1. The Mini fire alarm control master panel and slave panel each has 2 zones and each zone can equip Max.30 detectors and call points. 2. It should be installed, commissioned and maintained by suitably qualified service personnel with reference to IEE regulations and any statutory requirements. 3. The 2 zones alarm panel has 1 alarm sound output zones (bell zones), which can equip max.16 sounders for total max. 1A/24V power supplied. 4. The panel (master or slaver) has 24V auxiliary power output supply 2A/24V with fire 1, fire 2 relay output and fault relay output. 5. It is external DC24V power supplied with backup battery. 6. It supports detector head removal and easy for repair or maintenance. 7. It has Test/reset, silence alarm and Evacuate button for easy panel operation. 8. It has indicators of zone1 alarm /fault, zone2 alarm /fault, Sound alarm, and sound fault LED. That clearly showed detectors and sound circuit staturs. 9. There is one master fire alarm control panel and it can work with Max.31 same slaver panel. 10. The master fire control panel will communicate slaver panel one by one and fault will be showed if no response is received. 11. Alarm and fault events of panel No. and zone No. will be showed one by one on Master fire control panel. Specification: 1. System Power Supply: It is external 22-26VDC power supplied. (With upgrade version with internal power supply available) 2. Standby current:

Home security outdoor burglar alarm windows fence balcony intrusion alarm bell. Solar power outdoor security equipment can be easy installed on wall, fence, windows, courtyard, garden for perimeter security protection. You can see how to install infrared grating at Wireless alarm bell HB-805A can learn maximum 32 wireless HB brand sensors or wired sensors with wired to wireless transceiver with link at HB brand wireless alarm device can work with each other. You can add solar beam (100m detection distance), water leakage sensor, gas sensor, solar power PIR indoor or outdoor, door contact, smoke detector to the alarm bell for notification. HB brand products can be found at This package includes 1 pair 4-beams photoelectric infrared grating and 1 piece wireless alarm receiver bell. Link at Active photoelectric infrared grating for window break in prevention. Detection distance within 10m outdoor intrusion detector. It is updated wireless solar-powered and anti interference wall installation electronic grating. This is solar-powered product and should be installed at place where sunlight intensity more than 2200lux. Functions and Specification: 1.It is four beams wireless outdoor infrared grating working by pairs of transmitter and receiver. 2.Irradiation distance:10m 3.Wireless Transmitting distance: 100m 4.Wireless frequency:433MHz 5.Maximum alarm times in 24 hours:

HB brand same wireless device compatible door sensor HB-MC-1 This wireless sensor can work with same brand alarm control panel Door magnetic contact wireless indoor usage Battery charge power supply wireless type Very low standby current consumption FSK with hopping frequency wireless transmitting and no false alarm With self check and fault report function. Technology: working current: