Meian Technology

Focus brand security and smart home and business burglar alarm, fire detection security systems are manufactured by Meian Technology Co.,Ltd.

Meian Co.,Ltd. is China top security systems manufacturer. Products include commercial alarm system, home alarm system, AI video alarm, smart home, security SaaS solutions.

The EAVS alarm developed by Meian makes the alarm visualized. With the advancement of technology, Meian constantly updates its products. Alarm host is updated from analog communication to digital communication. Alarm detectors can avoid false alarm by adding intelligent analysis techniques. Using AI technology, alarm systems will make security more intelligent and reliable.

Meian Technology provides intelligent and affordable security systems for security service providers. All kinds of integrated security equipment and software make the security service convenient and fast.

All Focus brand security system installation manual can be downoladed at Vedard Focus alarm. There are motion sensor, burglar alarm, detectors, alarm control panel, siren strobe, security cameras.

Perfect after-sales service and technical guidance from Vedard Security Alarm Technology make the complex professional alarm system and security system can be easily installed and used. Feel free to contact Vedard Security for more China top brand new technology security systemsand smart home systems.



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