Home Security and Smart Home

First, the smart home has two aspects. The first is smart home, and the second is home security.

Smart homes include:

1. Intelligent lighting system, such as: touch switch, multi-function control box, the purpose is convert non intelligent products into intelligent products, such as the lamp is not intelligent, plus the multi-function control box can be arbitrarily converted light brightness, color, switch state, etc.

2. Environmental detection system, such as: temperature and humidity sensor, the purpose is to detect indoor temperature changes, if the temperature is too high or too low, will automatically turn on the air conditioning, after the temperature and humidity adjusted to comfortable value, air conditioning automatically closed.

3. Smart home appliance system, such as smart jack board, smart socket, etc., can control the switch status of smart home devices by mobile APP, and support WiFi connection. If the phone needs to be charged, it will power off automatically after setting the time.

4. Window curtain control system, such as: door and window sensor, opening and closing curtain motor, mainly control the curtain, for example, the alarm clock in the morning, the curtain will automatically open, if also linked with the rice cooker or coffee machine, it will automatically start to work.

5. Intelligent AV system, such as: intelligent remote control, infrared repeater. Their main function is the unified operation of infrared home appliances. Save the trouble of pressing buttons.

Home security includes

1. Intelligent door lock system, such as: face recognition lock, intelligent password lock. Features include remote unlocking, password unlocking, face recognition unlocking, swipe card unlocking, key unlocking five unlocking methods.

2. Intelligent infrared detection system, such as: water detector, combustible gas detection, smoke alarm, intelligent high-definition camera, body sensors and other equipment, are identified by infrared thermal sensing, such as danger, the system will send text messages, notify the user to deal with in time.

In addition, the biggest advantage of smart home security system is that it can realize the linkage operation between major equipment - automatic intelligent control. For example, open the home mode. When you open the door, the porch light automatically turns on, the air conditioner automatically adjusts to the right temperature, and the TV also switches to your favorite channel.

The biggest intelligence of smart home is not remote control on mobile phones, but the interaction between devices, so that the device can better serve life.

Security system is the biggest intelligent system, when it finds the security threats, it can immediately deal with it and family security can be seen remotely.



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