New equipment for outdoor security

We can't ignore the yard, driveway, fence security precautions now.

For home security, open doors and Windows detection, indoor intrusion detection are strictly deployed. However, there is often no monitoring of such acts as climbing over walls, lingering in courtyards and stealing.

This is mainly due to the difficulty of installing outdoor detectors. Outdoor detectors generally adopt infrared beam to meet the needs of large space. Traditional infrared beam is wired type. Long-distance wiring from outdoor to indoor is no small project.

Therefore, general home security does not do outdoor intrusion monitoring.

The improved solar wireless beam is easy to install. There is absolutely no need for wiring. Digital display calibrator is used in the transmitting and receiving end of infrared beam, which makes installation and calibration convenient.

Infrared beam can be mounted on walls, and a pair can cover a distance of 50-80 meters. infrared grating can be used for protection of 10 meters away, such as Windows. For protection from distances of 15 to 20 meters, such as driveways, courtyards can be equipped with solar detectors.

The solar outdoor wireless detector can detect and prevent illegal intrusion and suspicious behavior in time. General personnel can properly install and use solar detectors with instructions and video guidance. Through the alarm host, the intrusion behavior can be sent to the app alarm.



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