Security service alarm video server

EAVS Network digital alarm video server is a hardware device based on embedded network alarm and monitoring. It takes system management software and remote management platform as the core and implements powerful system management functions. The front-end of EAVS alarm detection is composed of wireless alarm detector, wired alarm detector and bus alarm, with strong compatibility. On this technology, it has added functions such as digital hard disk video recording, digital alarm remote service and video remote service.

integrates the main control board of the video surveillance system, anti-theft alarm system and access control system into one main board, which is managed by the integrated management platform software. The host integrates voice input and output module, which can realize two-way intercom with the management center. At the same time, it integrates access control system, compatible with various card, password keyboard, fingerprint recognition, face recognition and other multiple authentication modes. The design is flexible, which can meet the independent management needs of special users.

The EAVS digital video service platform provides a full-vector electronic map, which can be scaled up and down at will. The electronic map not only shows the geographical location of the monitoring site, but also the spatial diagram of the monitoring points, so as to facilitate customers to achieve target management based on alarm points.

The electronic map has the following functions: support hierarchical map display, support users to directly click the camera, alarm ICONS on the monitoring map, view the front-end camera image, detector‘s alarm status, support users to select the image of the cradle head, lens control, when the alarm occurs, the electronic map can be transferred to the alarm map and prompt the alarm source.

System management function

1. Historical alarm management function

EAVS has the function of black box, which can store 256 historical records, while the remote CENTER-EAVS alarm platform has 10,000 information records. It can query alarm information, arm and disarm information and alarm event processing records etc at any time with the authorization of the system. It is convenient to distinguish the responsibility of personnel after the occurrence of an event. On the other hand, it can also query the historical video record of the local relevant camera according to the occurrence time of the alarm and the location of the detector, so that the retrieval of video becomes faster.

2. Historical image management

The CENTER-EAVS alarm video control platform allows users to access the system server according to authorization to retrieve and replay historical images and alarm videos of any camera. The system provides intelligent and fast retrieval and replay function, which can be retrieved according to time, place, alarm event record, camera number and other conditions, greatly reducing the complexity of retrieval. Users can quickly find the required video data, playback is composed of frame by frame, slow play, fast back, zoom in, zoom out and other ways, users can choose according to their own needs, can be any playback image stored into JPEG/BMP format for data exchange or print out.

3. The system has enhanced security.

The platform management system can realize hierarchical management of permissions, granting different permissions to each person according to the nature of the work, checking permissions for system login and operation, using image mask technology, adding specific text or data to the compressed image file, preventing arbitrary tampering of the original image.

4. Backup Function

When you need to back up important files, you can use the system backup function. The system supports hot-swappable storage devices, such as erasable disks and external disk arrays, so that you can back up files without interrupting system work.

5. Environmental data management function

The environmental management module has been added to the software of CENTER-EAVS alarm video management platform, which is convenient for users to check the status of the equipment and the operation status of the equipment according to analog graphics.

6. Analog volume monitoring

Click the name of the device, and the window will display the current value, current status, historical status and other information of all simulant under the device. Select one of the simulant, and you can see the 24-hour status of the simulant.

7. Monitoring alarm status information

Select one of the detectors, and we can see the current and historical status of the detector, including under-voltage report, historical alarm record and other information, so as to facilitate customer inquiry.



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