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Vedard Security Alarm Technology

Vedard Security is a business that provides security systems for homes, businesses, and other properties. These systems typically include sensors, cameras, and alarms that are designed to detect and deter intruders or other security threats.

Vedard Security Alarm offers a wide range of burglar and fire alarm systems to meet the needs of different customers. The products include wireless wired alarm system, bus alarm system, digital network video alarm system, smart home system, perimeter alarm system, video monitoring system

Vedard Security Alarm specializes in security business. With the development of security technology, alarm system developed from PSTN analog alarm to digital IP alarm system, and then to AI artificial intelligence alarm system. Vedard Security provides free technical support for integration of security system and installation instruction.

All the products are with CE, FCC, UL, TUV, SGS etc. certificates. They are quality guaranteed for 1-2 years.

Vedard Security cooperates with security system integraors, alarm system installers, electronic products retailers. We give discount or coupon for businss partners. We can provide our products feed for you to easy import our products data on marketplace. We do dropshipping and you can place order on vedardalarm store for your customers and give discount from us.

Welcome to do business and cooperate with Vedard Security Alarm. We can provide professional security system consultant and troubleshooting, installation service free. It is benefit for both of us on new technology and professional security burglar and fire alarm business. Home and business security is always the core for all of us.



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