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Environment Security Components

Environment Security Component is a security device to monitor environment safety and avoid pollution, on fire or poisoning. It can be wired to home security system or work stand-alone.
Model Product Image Item Name Price
Carbon monoxide monitor with automatically solenoid valve drive

CO alarm with solenoid valve drive func...

CO Smoke Detector Carbon monoxide and Smoke Alarm

Standalone 9V CO and Smoke Detector Car...

gas detector co sensor ac power plugin two in one home security

Carbon monoxide and flammable gas compo...

Gas detector with solenoid valve

This package includes gas detector and ...

gas detector With solenoid valve drive functions and LCD display

MD-2002R gas detector should only work ...

Independent Smoke Alarm 9V battery 3-5 years

Smoke detector sound and light alarm st...

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm AC power DC battery backup

Interconnected Wire-in First Time Smoke...

Remote Led Indicator Output Smoke detection area 40m2

Advantage Standalone Smoke Detector pro...

Smoke Alarm Photoelectric Sensor Early Fire Detection

Stand-alone 9V Battery Powered Photoele...

Smoke and Heat Detector FT-143 Relay output 4-wire

Smoke and Heat Detector FT-143 Relay ou...

Smoke Detector 4-wire with relay output DC powered

4-Wire Smoke Detector with Relay output...

Stand-Alone Heat Detector Home security fire alarm

For a wide range of residential and com...

Vehicle gas detector DC12v gas alarm with manipulator

This package includes gas detector and ...

Water leakage Alarm wireless home security HB brand

HB brand wireless compatible water leak...

Wireless gas sensor with solenoid valve trigger function

With solenoid valve drive functions, au...


Featured Products - Environment Security Components

3-beams Detector solar-powered LCD calibrator security service

Wireless beams detector updated with LC...

2-wire Smoke and Heat Detector Conventional Fire alarm system

Smoke and Heat Detector 2-wire compatib...