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New burglar alarm, access control and fire alarm equipment

This tool is used by home owners, commercial maintenance staff, and fire safety inspectors. With the Smoke Detector Pole you can make testing your smoke detectors safe and easy. No more ladders, brooms, sticks, or inconvenience. Created by a housing inspector, the patent pending design makes it possible for anyone to test smoke detectors quickly and with ease. Max. Pole length is 5m Easy to use,all the parts in one case Smoke testing pole for fire alarm system

technical parameter 1. working voltage: DC24 + 15% (no polarity) 2. rated current: less than 60mA 3. ambient temperature: -10 C +55 C 4. relative humidity: less than 95%. 5. flash strength: more than 1.2WS 6. the number of light: = 120 times / min 7. life is more than 30000 times: strobe flash 8. product size: 300*120*26mm Contact us if you have any inquiry of fire alarm and fire automatic fighting.

Maintain fire alarm system regularly easy with maintence panel for switch. This MAINTENANCE panel is a key switch, which disconnects actuation circuits in the system to prevent accidental discharge during maintenance operations. Two “LEDS” indicate “SYSTEM ARMED” and “SYSTEM INACTIVE”. When the key is inserted and turned towards “SYSTEM INACTIVE”, the red LED illuminates and the green LED indicating “SYSTEM ARMED” turns off. The key can only be removed in the “SYSTEM ARMED” position. This panel is also available with the key removable in both the “ARMED” and the “INACTIVE” positions. The information is silk-screened on a two-gang stainless plate. Switch rated at 5A 250VAC, the DC rating is 5A up to 30VDC. LEDs rated at 10mA each for a total current draw of 20mA.

This is kind of manual outdoor sound and flash strobe siren optional, it is suitable for fire, medical, patrol etc, It used high quality LED flash lights and Ultra sound loudness piezoelectric device, with high conversion efficiency for photoacoustic, electricity. Technical Description 1.Operating Voltage: DC12-30V 2.Operating Current: ≤40mA(according to working way) 3.Temperature: -20℃ ~ +60℃ 4. Operating Humidity: 0%~95%RH 5. Sound pressure: ≥105dB (at 1meter) 6.Net Weight: 360g 7.Flash intensity: >=1.2WS Product Features: 1) Equipment operation stable and reliable; 2) Equipment easy to install, wiring; 3) Equipment has also issued two kinds of sound and flash an alarm signal, even people with disabilities can be a timely response to evacuate; 4) When the device is different emergency situations, a variety of alarm options; 5) Sound pressure level can adjustable.

Complete wireless home security system combustible gas leakage alarm. It makes loud sound alarm and send wireless alarm notification to alarm control panel. The app alarm control panel will pop up notification on smartphone. Suitable for using at home or hotel etc. Features: 1. With English voice for operation prompt. 2. With AC power and built-in backup battery (for optional) 3. With LCD displayer of gas density. 4. Self check of the sensor. 5. Wireless sending of alarm signal. 6. Relay contact output to connect with valve or manipulator to shut off gas source. Specification: Power supply: AC 100V~240V 50-60Hz Built-in backup battery: 9V NI-MH rechargeable battery (optional not included in standard package) alarm density: 2500PPM(±1500PPM) alarm time: Keep alarm when density more than 2500PPM Wireless emitting frequency: 433MHz+hop frequency wireless emitting distance: 300m dimension: 99x153x46(mm)

HB brand wireless compatible water leakage detector and wireless alarm It is used for flood alarm for home and hotel, kitchen, bathroom or living room water detection. Easy installation with wireless connection to HB brand wireless alarm panel with app notification. Totally sealed with waterproof feature. The probe is with oxidation resistance. Battery can be used for 8 years. Technical specification 1. working voltage: 3.6V lithium battery 2. alarm current: