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Gas detector with solenoid valve

  • Gas detector with solenoid valve

Gas detector with solenoid valve

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  • Model: GA543-A
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This package includes gas detector and solenoid valve 1/2" (If you need other size 3/4" etc. please leave comment for us)
GA543-A AC Powered Plug-In Combustible Gas Detector
The gas detector is designed for single station use or for connecting to fire alarm or security alarm panel. Small and compact, the design and color makes it
ideal for use in the home, small commercial properties, and recreational vehicles. It is intended to detect leakage of natural gas (methane gas), town gas, and bottled gas (propane gas), coal gas. The unit is designed for AC Powered plug-in applications. The gas detector can bemounted high (for methane gas) or low (for propane (LPG) gas). It is equipped with a sturdy metal mounting bracket for quick, easy, and secure installation.
Key Specifications/Special Features
Detect all sorts of combustible gases, natural gas (methane), bottled gas (propane), LPG (Liquefied petroleum Gas), LNG (Liquefied natural gas), coal gas,
including town gas.
Easy to install, mounting bracket included.
Loud 85dB alarm and LED warning light.
High quality durable sensor.
Self diagnostic function by MCU intelligent software.
Excellent reliability & High stability.
Ideal for all kitchens.
Unit Dimensions:122mm (H) x 76 mm (W) x 38 mm (D)
Color: Ceiling White
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C
Ambient Humidity: ≤95% RH
Alarm Horn: 85dB at 3m (10 feet)
Operating Voltage: AC90-270VAC
Power Consumption: <1.5W (Standby), <5W (Alarm)
Value of Detection Threshold (Lower Explosive Limit):
Natural Gas: 7500ppm (15%LEL)
LPG: 2000ppm (10%LEL)
Coal Gas: 800ppm (2%LEL)
Method of Alarm: Flashing Red LED with 85dB alarm
Warm Up Time: approximately 60 Seconds
Alarm Output: Sound and Light on spot
Accessories: Metal mounting bracket
Mounting screws with anchors

Gas Solenoid valve for gas control
Functions and Specification:
1.Gas species:methane, LPG, coal gas, city gas and other noncorrosive gases.
2.Valve body material: brass alloy / aluminum alloy
3.Material for sealing:NBR rubber
4.Operating temperature:-10℃~60℃
5.Maximum working pressure: 10KPa
6.Connection style:G1/2(DN15A) 1/2"
7.Valve opening:reset manually
8.Off valve: DC pulse drive / Manual
9.Driving voltage (pulse voltage):9VDC to 12VDC
10.Driving current: <2A (pulse)
11.Closing time:<1s
12.Explosion-proof type: seal
13.Explosion-proof remark: ExmllT6
14.Open valve: manual reset
15.Outlet Length: 0.4 m (can add same specification extended wire 1m, 1.5m etc. Contact us if you need)