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Smoke Alarm Photoelectric Sensor Early Fire Detection

  • Smoke Alarm Photoelectric Sensor Early Fire Detection

Smoke Alarm Photoelectric Sensor Early Fire Detection

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Stand-alone 9V Battery Powered Photoelectric Smoke Alarm DG-312
Easy installation Smoke Detector and Fire Alarm Security kit in one minute to protect property and families
The Smoke Alarm is designed as per required of Home Security and Residential Security.
The unit shall incorporate an photoelectric sensor with nominal sensitivity of 2.06%/ft.
The unit shall provide optional tamper resistance that helps deter removal of the unit from the wall or ceiling.
The Smoke Alarm shall include a test button that will electronically simulate the presence of smoke and cause the unit to go into alarm. This sequence tests the unit's electronics, battery and horn to ensure proper operation.
The unit shall include a piezoelectric horn that is rated at 85dB at 10 feet.
The unit shall also include a low battery warning utilizing a brief alarm chirp every 30-40 seconds along brief flashed from the safety light for a minimum of seven(7) days.
The unit shall incorporate one red LED to indicate the alarm's current status and mode of operation. The red LED will indicate one of two conditions: Standby condition and Alarm Condition.
It shall also include a 5-year manufacturer's limited warranty.
Other features of the Smoke Alarm
1.Missing battery guard - Cover resists closing unless battery is inside.
2.Ideal for cooking areas - Reduces unwanted alarms.
3.Fire Resistance ABS material for case
4.Anti-insect designed sensor chamber