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10 loops linkage fire alarm fire fighting security system

  • 10 loops linkage fire alarm fire fighting security system

10 loops linkage fire alarm fire fighting security system

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Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) 10 loops is strictly conformable with
Chinese National Standard Fire alarm control panel and fire protection linkage control system
with a maximum capacity of max 64 loops connection with 15488 field devices. It has built-in linkage control and can work with other
Tanda brand panels. It is suitable for using in large and medium fire alarm and protection security.
This FACP uses two buses mode, monitoring up to 242 control points of every loop. Wall mounted design. It is compatible with complete
range of electronic coding, remote control conding series' intelligent detectors, manual call point, input module, I/O module.
The fire protection system can be divided into controller, detectors, modules and operation terminals. The FACP is combinded with main
control module, driver board and communication board.
Main control module uses the driving board to check the detectors, receive the digital signals and control the linkage modules. It also can be
connected with other types of detectors such as flammable gas detector, alarm sensor, via input interface modules. The main control module gathers and deals
with the information which received by the driving card to complete the control and functional operation. Isolator can be used for the security system properly working if
there is fault part. The fire information is not only audible, optical and LCD displayed, recorded to printer log and the black box log. It can also be transited to FACP or CRT fire alarm
dispay system via RS232.