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Ex proof Manual Alarm Call Point Fire Alarm System

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  • Model: FBSB-YA3201
  • Shipping Weight: 1.3kgs
  • Units in Stock : 100
  • Manufactured by: HST fire alarm


FBSB-YA3201 Explosion-proof non-coding manual fire alarm button switch push button, suitable for installation in containing C and DIP A21 TA level, temperature class T6 explosive atmosphere place when manually confirmed the fire after the accident, press this button, It can send an alarm signal to the fire alarm control. This product can be any domestic and foreign manufacturers of fire alarm controller supporting the use, in line with GB3836 series of standards, testing organization designated by the State identified and made explosion-proof certification.
This button is self-locking with alarm function, using a dedicated key reset.
Explosion alarm buttonTechnical parameters
2.1、explosion-proof mark:ExdⅡCT6/DIP A21 TA,T6
2.2、Relative humidity:less than 95%
2.3、Atmospheric pressure: 80~110KPa
2.4、the working voltage: DC24V
2.5、Normal monitoring: Red LED flash one time in 3S-5S
2.6、alarm status: Red LED quick flash
2.7、Contact capacity: 0.5A
2.8、 into the line diameter: DN16
2.9、diameter: 145×120×65mm
2.10、proof grade: IP65
2.11 Cable choice: cross-sectional area S≥1.5mm2 General Cable