2 Beams Solar power wireless sensor with receiver home security

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Photoelectric beam with receiver and converter
Outdoor anti theft intrusion alert system. Easy install on wall, fence, windows or balcony.
The package includes 1pair of 2-beams photoelectric infrared sensor (transmission and receiver consisits light wall to block intrusion) and 1 set wireless alarm receiver installed at home to receive alarm signal and get 4 types of remind tone. At same time, the receiver can be connected wtih any third party alarm panel and send alarm message via phone.
2-beam solar power wireless break alert
It is installed on wall or fence, driveway etc. outdoor yard.
Functions and Specification:
1.It is a solar-powered wireless product and should be installed at place with sunlight intensity more than 2200lux.
2.It is double beams wireless outdoor infrared detectors working by pairs of transmitter and receiver.
3.Irradiation distance:60m
4.Wireless transmitting distance:800m
5.Wireless frequency:433MHz
6.Maximum alarm times in 24 hours:<=50times
7.Infrared light beam number: 2 beams
8.Battery capacity: transmitting terminal: 500mA, receiving terminal: 500mA
9.Working temperature: -30℃~70℃
10.Working voltage:3.3V
11.Power storage type: LiFePO4 Battery
12.Static working current: transmitting terminal<=0.4mA, receiving terminal<=0.4mA
13.Infrared light frequency: secondary modulation & encoding based on 38KHz
14.Infrared light wave-length: 940nm+/-20nm
15.Output current of solar panel: Under the condition of 1600Lux lighting >=1mA (Outdoor illumination in ordinary rainy or cloudy days
is about 2000Lux)
17.Diameter of infrared light hole: 25mm
18.Distance between two infrared light hole: 65mm
19.Solar panel dimension:81mm*81mm
HB-MFR alarm receiver and converter:
It receives HB brand solar powered wireless active detectors and make alarm with 4 sounds optional for notice and can transfer to wired signal output.
1. 1pc alarm receiver with adapter (UK, USA, European, AU etc. plug for option)
2. 2pcs remote working with alarm receiver.
Main functions and features:
1.It is used with HB brand solar powered wireless perimeter protection detectors.
2.The receiver has 4 zones. Each zone can connect 8 wireless device including solar beams, solar door contact, panic button, remote controllers.
3.It makes alarm sound with 4 different tones (beep, wind-bell, plink, clarino) for 8 seconds.
4.It has 4 form "c" relay output terminal for 4 zones.
5.It has 14VDC output for wired siren.
6.Output relay and 14VDC terminal can activate for 1 second, 10 seconds, 1 minute or 5 minutes.
7. It has pause button, remind button. Pause function and remind function can be set for each zone separately.

1.Frequency: 433MHz
2.Operating voltage: 15VDC (power adapter is supplied with the package)
3.Operating current: standby 20mA, Alarming 180mA
4.14VDC terminal output current: 400mA maximum
5.Relay rating: 24VDC or 120VAC at 2A
Video guidance for installation at
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=of3sUbGT-yA&t (HB-MFR)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qE-kiIGMC-I (HB-T001Q2, Q3)

Contact us if you have any question. Shopping guide at how to shop alarm

How to choose active infrared beams
There are different beams quantity such as 2 beams, 3 beams, 4 beams, 6 beams and 8 beams of photoelectric beam sensor. So, how many beams should I choose? The more beams means higher of protection height and longer of detection distance. For example, if the distance between two infrared holes is 35mm, then, for 3 beams sensor, the protection height is 70mm. For 4 beams sensor, any two neighbor beams are blocked, it will trigger alarm. Same for 6 beams or 8 beams sensor. So more beams will be with more security such as for bank. More beams means more power of infrared beam transmission and with stronger penetration to against interference of fog, sunshine etc.
And what does the infrared detection distance mean? It means the distance between the transmission terminal and receiving terminal. The actual installation distance should be less than 80% of the specified distance. For example, the specified detection distance is 100m, then the actual installation detection distance should be less than 80m. If no interference, the detection can reach to 6 times of specified distance. (6*100=600m). But environment interference should be considered for using.
There are some rules for active infrared beam installation. For example, if the beam sensor is installed on a low wall, the distance between the top of the wall and the lowest infrared hole should be around 150mm. Because the size of a normal person is 500mm(width)*200mm(thickness), that will avoid intrusion of people from bottom side of the beam sensor and false alarm triggered by small animals.
HB solar power infrared beam system can be easy calibrated.
1. Make sure that the eye can see the other end through the mechanical calibration hole at one end.
2. Ensure that the LCD displayed figures are large and stable.


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