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16CH video input network visible alarm system

  • 16CH video input network visible alarm system

16CH video input network visible alarm system

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  • Model: EAVS-2116
  • Shipping Weight: 4kgs
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  • Manufactured by: Focus Security


16CH audio /video input, 16 wired 56 wireless zones alarm panel & NVR internet video server
It is updated internet Alarm control panel with surveillance server for home and business real time monitor.
Package and accessories included:
1.EAVS-2116 16CH internet alarm video server X1
2.IR Remote Control X1
3.USB Mouse X1
4.12V/5A switching power adapter X1
5.CD Disk and English version user's manual X1
Two Years Warranty
This device is keeping updated with new technology such as App, P2p and cloud technology.
Main functions and features:
1. Basic Functions
It is based on an Embedded Linux operating system, which supports browsing by the window IE explorer and mobile phone.
It uses H.264 hardware compression technology with high compression ratio and flexible handling.
It supports 16 channels video/audio input, 1 channel BNC video output and 2 channels VGA video output.
It supports RS-485 interface, which may control PTZ and realize multiple decoding protocol extension.
2. Compression Functions
Video compression uses H.264 compression algorithm, which may realize independent harware compression with CIF resolution of 25 frames per second. It supports both variable bitrate and variable frame rate. The coded stream of video image can be set during the process of setting the quality of video image.
It supports 16 channels audio/video signals. Each channel of audio/video signal is compressed in real time by independent hardware to ensure the stable synchronization of sound and image.
It supports QCIFCIFD1HD1 resolutions.
3. Storage and Backup
There are 2 SATA hard disk interfaces and both of them supports TB-level hard disk.
Use flash disk, portable hard drive and other devices to backup through USB port.
As for client computers, the backup process can be done through downloading the files from the hard disk.
It adopts the hibernation treatment for the non-working hard disk, which favors the heat dissipation and power consumption reduction, and consequently prolong the HDD service life.
Files on the hard disk include overlaid loop records and non-loop records.
The stored data adopt special format to avoid the data tampering and ensure the data security.
4. Network Function
It supports and 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet interface.
It supports TCP/IP, DHCP, DDNS, PPPoE, 3G and other network protocols.
It can set parameters through WEB page, view real time video and audio signals, and check the running status of the equipment.
It can control the rotation of PTZ and relevant parameters of camera like aperture size, focal length etc.
Remote alarm and system log view.
Video search and real time playback.
Powerful networking functions with various linking methods.
Remote internet access supports multi-screen display.
5. Video Playback
Multiplex: each channel can play real time video independently and realize playback and search of channel 1 and 16 simultaneously.
Various recording modes: manual mode, alarm and linkage, dynamic detection, and video mask. All of them have pre-recording functions.
Quick searching of video files and systematic searching of video types.
It displays the exact time of incident during playing the video.
Search the log files of hard disk video through network.
6. Real time Monitoring
It supports PAL/NTSC video signal input.
System screen has high definition and exquisite images.
The channel screen displays the status of channels, such as video, dynamic detection, video losss, video mask etc.
Display modes include single screen display, multi-screen display, and multi-channel cycle display.
The brightness, contras, saturation and color of the preview images are adjustable.
The names of cameras can be added freely on each camera displayerd screen.
It has analog video BNC and VGA output interface, which can realize monitoring functions through monitors or PC monitors.
It can view the local or remote system logs.
7. Sound Features
It supports 16 channels audio input and 1 channel audio output.
It has the functions of audio and video synchronous input. The sound is very clear and smooth and without any noise.
It can monitor the image and sound simultaneously. It supports the video camera with audio function.
Each channel of audio and video can be stored synchronously.
Audio and video can be played synchronously.
8. Alarm Functions
It has 16 channels wired alarm input and 56 channels wireless input.
It may connect the infrared or smoke detection alarm detectors as alarm input devices.
It has the recording function of the alarms and linkage. A detector can be linked with one or more video camera while a video camera can be linked with one or more detectors. As soon as the detectors are triggered, the associated video camera will start recording, and the siren and flashing light will also be started at the same time.
The alarm input and output interfaces have protective circuits to avoid the damage of main host devices.
It supports 8 wired or wireless keyboards and 8 wireless remote control devices.
There are 2 alarm CMS telephones and 4 personal alarm telephones.
It supports PC downloading, IE downloading, and telephone remote control programming.
Contact ID protocol and focus bus protocol.
The built-in electronic clock can realize 4 groups arming and disarming per day.
It can internally and externally connect alarm sound to make alarm linkage output.
Automatic learning code pattern recognition of wireless sensor, wireless remote control device.
Automatically monitor the sound on site.
Give alarms in case of phone disconnection.
Make report in case of AC power failure, and malfunction of wireless or wired sensor.
It may set the automatic self-check time and report the status of the main host.

1.Power supply:DC12V
2.Memory device:Recommend to use seagate 3.5inch HDD special for DVR
3.16 wired 56 wireless detectors and 16 channels audio/vidoe input
4.Operating system: Embedded Linux
5.User Interface:16 bit true color graphical menu operation interface, support USB mouse operation with menu notes
6.Video input:4 channel BNC video input. BNC 1.0Vp-p, Resistor 75Ω
7.Audio input:4 channel RCA audio input, PS/2 interface
8.Audio output:1 channel audio output, BNC 1.0Vp-p, resistor 600Ω
9.Video output:1 channel VGA output, standard 15-pin VGA interface, 1 channel BNC output, BNC interface
10.PC input:1 channel VGA input, standard 15-pin VGA interface
11.Alarm input: 16 channel wired device, 56 channel wireless device, 8 wireless remote control
12.Serial interface: 1 RS232 port, 1 RS485 port
13.Network interface: RJ45, 10M/100M adaptive network interface
14.HDD interface:2 SATA HDD interface
15.USB port:1 USB2.0, 1 USB1.1port
16.Keyboard input:1-8 wired keyboard (optional)
17.Audio / video parameter
Monitor resolution:
704x576(PAL)/704X480(NTSC) horizontal lines>450,vertical lines>400
Playback resolution:
704x576(PAL)/704X480(NTSC) horizontal lines>450,vertical lines>400
Video coding standard:H.264, PAL/NTSC
Video output rate:CIF:384Kbps/512Kbps/768Kbps
Audio coding standard:ADPCM,sampling rate, 8khz/8bit
Audio output rate:24Kbps
18.Power input:AC 110V-240V DC 12V
19.Working temperature:-10 ~60°C
upc code: 788537111696
ean code: 0788537111696