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Access Alarm Control Panel With NVR security alarm panel

Price :
Starting at: $198.00

  • Model: FC-7688A
  • Shipping Weight: 5.5kgs
  • Units in Stock : 1000
  • Manufactured by: Focus Security


Industrial access control attendance video check alarm host
FC-7688A Industrial grade access control alarm host TCP/IP and 4G network
Man-machine interaction: the whole menu operation prompts in English
Access control: Support 2 card readers (can be set as two single-door two-way card reading).
Fingerprint attendance: supporting CMS software to easily achieve attendance management.
System capacity: 8 wired, 32 wireless, 88 bus defense area.
Interactive equipment: two-way communication, can be connected to 8 two-way wired or wireless keyboard, 8 remote control, 4 two-way wireless alarm.
Telephone communication: 4 voice calls, 2 data calls, 2 toll-free evacuation calls.
4G communication: SMS, 4G, TCP/IP alarm and deployment.
Remote programming: Support GPRS/4G, TCP/IP two-way data transmission and two-way control.
Report event: Contact ID full information.
Home appliance control: 32 circuit electric appliance control, electric switch timing control.
Unique features: Support SD card application upgrade, remote voice prompt operation, AC power outage, wireless/wired probe fault report, timing distribution and withdrawal, two sets of timing alarm clock, automatic self-check time report host state.
Extended function: extensible programmable relay module, serial port module.